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About us


Katarzyna Janas and Ewa Jochheim

in business consulting since 2007

in 2014, they imported the most reliable tool to diagnose internal motivation, the Reiss Motivation Profile, to Poland and obtained an exclusive licence to use it in business

they developed a novel model for improving the effectiveness of employees and teams – Management by Individualisation – presented in 2019 at the RMP conference in Dubai

authors of many books and publications, they popularise knowledge about internal motivation and effectiveness in business and personal life

We have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of


Polish and international companies


people from top-level management


team leaders




Business practitioners with broad competences, knowledge and experience. Experience of cooperation with the biggest Polish and global companies. They support our clients in achieving their objectives.

They work holistically, often in an international setting. They are a consultant, manager, mentor, coach and trainer in one.

They support, develop, engage, teach and inspire. They are effective.

Project Manager, RMP Instructor

Grzegorz Boguszewski

Project Manager, RMP Master

Anna Di Giusto

Customer Manager, RMP Master

Monika Goszczyńska

Office Manager, RMP Master

Social Media Manager, RMP Master

Consultants and trainers

Ewa Rutkowska

Paweł Bogusław

Anna Jaworska

Iwona Spaleniak

Why us?

If you are asking yourself this question – great!

Your company’s results are important to you, so you want it them the right hands.

What we are describing below is obvious to us, it is at the core of our activities and business ethics. However, if you are here for the first time and you do not know us, you are obviously not aware of that.

This is why you can find it all in one place:

if you have more questions, just contact us

  • we have helped the most demanding customers succeed
  • we use a tool which meets the highest standards and which has been fully adapted to the Polish context – this is why we are able to draw the right conclusions
  • we have an exclusive licence to apply the American RMP methodology in business – we also apply it successfully in an international setting
  • we are business practitioners – both us and our coaches
  • we share unique knowledge
  • we use cutting-edge technologies and techniques supported by reliable research in the business context
  • we act holistically and do things that bring tangible results
  • we have prepared 10,000+ motivational profiles in Poland
  • since 2014, we have been running RMP Polska Instytut Durkalskiego Sp z.o.o, come and visit us at our offices at Saska Kepa, Warsaw.