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RMP PolskaFrequently asked questions

Why trust us?

Thanks to our approach, knowledge and tools, even the most demanding customers have achieved success. Find out more

Who have you worked with?

Some of our customers include Allegro, Philip Morris, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Group Polska, DAF, Yamaha, Grupa Krotoski-Cichy, WP, HRK, Forum Mentorów, Enel-Med, GE Healthcare, Metro Properties, Śnieżka, DPD, Vowos, Igus, Bank BPH, Santander

In which sectors have you been most successful?

We have worked for customers in sectors such as automotive, e-commerce, HR, healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, IT, Fintech, freight, FMCG.

Success depends on the customer’s engagement, not on the sector, something we have observed over a long time.

Is your approach better for the commercial division or the project team?

The commercial division is made up of people who have a defined objective – to sell a specific amount in a given time, with certain parameters (such as the margin). The project team is also made of people who have a defined objective – to carry out a given project in a given time, with certain border conditions (such as resources).

Our approach will satisfy any needs if a group of people has an objective to achieve. It does not matter what group and what objective exactly.

We clearly show how to manage people so that they achieve the objectives in harmony with their internal needs while remaining as productive as possible for as long as possible.

Is your approach ethical?

Absolutely. We act in harmony with people and their internal needs. Our approach is based on ethics.

How can you combine ethical people management with maximal effectiveness?

You become most satisfied when you can fully exploit your potential. Often people are not aware of it, and it remains untapped. This is why many people look for somebody who will help them discover their potential. You can become this person for your employees – get to know their potential, learn what to do to make them act and under which conditions they will fully and permanently succeed.

Can your approach be combined with others?

Irrespective of other methods or tools that you use, it is people that are your fundamental resource. We share extensive knowledge with you about their values, motivation and potential. You can combine this knowledge with other approaches or tools which you will most probably use more consciously.

How long does the process take?

It depends on the scope of programme – the simplest ones can take as little as one week, the most complex ones around six months.

When will changes become apparent?

On average, our customers see changes after 2-4 weeks from the beginning of the Programme.

Why are the majority of your customers from the premium sector?

Customers from the premium sector have very high expectations in terms of development activities and they are aware that it is not enough to be the leader in the sector. Additional indispensable element are innovativeness, modernity and a novel approach to the development of employees and teams, which all need to be implemented before the competition does. At the same time, they are ready to become more engaged because they have a clear objective – they want to be special and be leaders. Our development programmes are addressed to everyone, but companies from the premium sector are most willing to use them.

Do you sometimes refuse to work with a client?

Yes. When we see that we cannot live up to the client’s expectations, e.g. due to inappropriate management staff. We are very direct about this. We say where the source of the ineffectiveness lies and why no development project will help. To put it metaphorically, we do not put a plaster on a broken leg.

Why is it not possible to purchase the motivational profiling of employees only, or just a workshop?

Each of these services do not bring results if provided separately. It is like to going to see a dentist because of a toothache and leaving with just a diagnosis, or letting the dentist treat a random tooth with random tools. In both cases, you’re still likely to suffer from toothache. We only do things that bring tangible results and for which you need:

– a diagnosis, i.e. motivational profiling

– workshops, i.e. precise activities based on the diagnosis, carried out by certified coaches

You need at least that.