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RMP PolskaManagerial Excellence Academy

Manager Excellence Academy

Managerial Academy – an open development programme for managers

For whom

for managers

for people being promoted to managerial positions

for people managing their own companies

for people who plan to run their own company

Course and possibilities

Motivational profiling for all programme participants

Workshops (six 3-hour online modules)

Consultations between modules

Practical exercises and tasks to complete between the modules

End-of-course certification

Post-programme consultations within the managerial community

3 options: regular, weekend or holiday programme

Workshops content

and additional development activities (consultations, certification)

  • Management through Individualisation (MtI) as an innovative approach to management
  • Self-motivation and self-development of the manager: how to manage in harmony with oneself and develop your strengths
  • In-company diagnosis: an audit using the You want to do it, you can do it, you know how to do it (WCK) model
  • How to build a motivating and engaging workplace based on internal needs of employees
  • How to communicate with employees effectively: regular individual development meetings as a tool to diagnose the situation and motivation
  • How to show acknowledgement in harmony with individual needs of employees – feedback, interviews about development and correcting undesirable behaviours
  • How to set objectives (not just annual ones) individually for the employee and the team
  • How to conduct regular talks with the team to make everyone see benefits for themselves
  • How to build a motivated team with the potential to achieve company objectives
  • How to face challenges as a manager
  • How to develop your company using various manager’s and employees’ motivators

Problems that we solve

Managers notice that they are less motivated to work

Managers are unprepared to face current challenges of managing employees (e.g. working on-line, dispersed teams, intergenerational differences, changing needs of employees)

Managers do not have enough managerial competences to achieve the company’s objectives effectively

Managers do not use obtained knowledge in practice

Current team management methods applied are not sufficient or maladjusted to the current situation

Managers notice worrying trends in the company (e.g. high employee turnover, personal conflicts, lack of engagement)

Benefits for you

You will discover your capabilities and individual management style that brings maximum effectiveness

You will use modern and effective tools of people management to build teams and maintain employees’ high efficiency

You will learn how to develop your strengths and work on your undesirable traits in an innovative way that is in harmony with your personality

You will become more aware of your internal motivations and hidden talents

The programme is open and participants are from various sectors, which is a perfect source of best practices and creative solutions that you can use in your work

You can count on our full, substantive support during the programme and afterwards via regular consultations for a developing community of managers

You will use the knowledge gained to not only improve the quality of your professional life, but also enrich your private life

The Managerial Academy is an original, open development programme for managers who know that self-development is the best investment. The programme is conducted in a processual approach. We focus on the following areas: Me as a manager and my own motivation, Me and the Employee, Me and the team.

During the programme, we build a profile of a modern manager who is conscious and ready to face contemporary challenges. We look at outstanding management practitioners, we become inspired and abandon myths and stereotypes. All so that you, as a manager, can find your individual management style and discover what makes you a good manager. We want you to consciously decide which resources you want to use and which talents to develop.

We talk about business situations, but they are translatable to private relations. This consistency is important if we want to have fun at work (flow) and be happy in our private life (work-life-balance). Everyone knows themselves best – you learn to name your needs and how to satisfy them effectively. Communication and effective action are especially important for managers, who are responsible for relations with co-workers, customers and partners.

Your authority as a manager stems from your knowledge, competence, experience and the quality of relations with others. If you have the authority, others will follow you. Where you are now is the result of your earlier choices and your surroundings. During the programme, we encourage you to search for your own path in a courageous way, in harmony with yourself, without looking behind or bending to a critical assessment of others. Why? Because we believe that if the manager knows what they are really motivated by, takes care of their needs and fully accepts themselves, then employees will be more willing to join them.

Effective management is often looked at through the prism of the achievement of the KPIs that the manager is responsible for. Sometimes the methods applied do not suffice and in order to achieve more, you need to change your approach. We teach an innovative approach to people management – Management through Individualisation (MtI), which is being mindful of individual needs of the people that the manager manages, so that their objectives coincide.

We give you specific management tools which make it possible to diagnose the situation in the company and the team: an audit using the “You want to do it, you can do it, you know how to do it” (WCK) method. We also help build a team and develop employees in harmony with themselves through the Reiss Motivational Profile Ⓡ (RMP). You learn to observe behaviours, statements, and reactions to support employees in the attainment of the common goal in a more effective way. You will learn how to build a team with the potential to achieve the company’s objectives, how to adapt tasks to specific people so that they want to do it, and how to communicate effectively in a way that is positively received and makes people want to act. You will learn how to appreciate and correct actions, how to motivate people and benefit from regular meetings. You will learn how to set objectives effectively and assess their achievement using knowledge about the internal needs of employees.

The programme includes certification. At this stage, you can see if you are ready to use the knowledge in practice, without our support. You receive individual recommendations, which will help you choose an optimal follow-up after the programme, when you need it. The programme can be continued at different levels (e.g. individual managerial sessions, sales development for a sales manager). You can also join the managerial community, which we conduct regular consultations for.