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RMP PolskaOffer – Development and optimisation of processes

Operational Excellence

Development and optimisation of processes in production enterprises and services

For whom

For production and service companies

For management

For managers and leaders open to changes in the organisation

Production leaders


  1. Motivational profiling
  2. Consultations
  3. Strategic workshops and regular workshops

Scope of consulting

and workshops and of follow-up development actions

Optimisation and perfection of production processes

  • Lean Management
  • Kaizen
  • Six Sigma
  • Quick Response Manufacturing
  • Shingo approach
  • 5S, balancing, levelling production, Kanban
  • Mapping (Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Makigami, Business Process
  • Modelling Notation (BPMN))
  • Lean Line Design and Industrial Engineering

Scope of duties, matrixes of competences, remuneration systems

How to manage change in a production company?

How to increase safety level?

Problems that we solve

low employee productivity

untapped potential of the machinery park

non-competitive costs of running the business (which absorbs the margin and does not leave any capital for investment or development)

low operational profitability

non-competitive times of orders completion, problems with deadlines, lost business opportunities

numerous losses in the production process

losses due to bad quality (extra waste and damaged products)

low safety level and accidents

overburden with the number of orders

problems with internal communication and cooperation between the office and production

high employee turnover, including in specialist positions

ineffective attempts to implement Life Long Learning Project Programmes

lack of management and leadership competences, no ownership for the completion of everyday tasks

lack of division of duties and of responsibility

lack of transparent parameters for processes and business effectiveness

no results reporting, no analyses and decisions compliant with the current state and situation of the business

Benefits for participants

exploiting the organisation’s full potential and business development

shortening orders completion time – increasing your competitive edge

optimisation of processes to eliminate quantitative qualitative and time losses

fewer defects and micro-stoppages to fully use the machine park

fewer qualitative defects

fewer accidents, safer and more attractive workplace

shorter time of implementing new products and devices

shorter time of onboarding new employees

a comfortable workplace, which improves individual and team effectiveness

building a platform for communication and cooperation between the office and production

Operational Excellence is not just a programme for tapping the potential of the organisation through hard devices, from Lean Management, Kaizen, Shingo Methodology or Quick Response Manufacturing.

Our programme of Operational Excellence is adapted to your needs, customers and market. It combines the most reliable psychometric tool diagnosing internal motivation (Reiss Motivation Profile) with long experience of global transformations of organisations in terms of business growth and changing the organisation’s culture.

Operational Excellence, coupled with the RMP is a perfect tool for leaders and managers who can shape the permanent behaviours of their employees within a short time; behaviours that will last once our cooperation is over.

We have been improving Polish and international companies for years. Our results are evidenced through improved financial parameters and higher profitability in sectors such as FMCG, furniture, cosmetics, medical and research services, food, chemical and automotive.