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RMP PolskaOffer – Employee development – self-development and self-motivation

Individual Excellence

Individual employee development in an organisation – self-development and self-motivation

For whom

For every employee and manager


  1. Profiling
  2. Workshop (minimum 1 day onsite or minimum 2 online modules)
  3. Individual set of exercises AND/ OR development sessions


and follow-up development actions

How to broaden your comfort zone?

What helps me, what blocks me?

How can I fully exploit my potential in what I do?

Setting individual goals in harmony with oneself

Self Hugging

How to achieve Flow at work?

Problems that we solve

low engagement and motivation of employees

high employee turnover

low employees’ loyalty, lack of attachment to the employer


employees get to know themselves better and use their individual management style consciously to improve effectiveness

employees know how to motivate themselves

employees know their comfort zone and know how to broaden it

employees know how to achieve Flow

tasks can be assigned based on talents and needs of employees

higher self-acceptance of employees

lower turnover of employees in the team

effective professional career profiling for employees

Employees are often not aware of their capabilities. It is difficult for them to define what they are best at and how to steer their own development. Only thanks to professional support are they able to realise what their values are and be supported at work. Reiss Motivation Profile helps discover hidden talents, inborn predispositions and capabilities people are not aware of, as well as establish their value system.

Discovering the individual needs and talents of an employee and creating the appropriate conditions for them to use them will improve internal motivation and engagement, which will translate into greater enthusiasm and effectiveness at work.

What is more, the Reiss Motivation Profile makes it possible to look at yourself from the perspective of others, which allows to understand why those we evaluate positively usually display a similar combination of motivators, but also how we perceive those, whose motivators are considerably different to ours

If you are a manager or co-worker, you spend a lot of time getting to know the people that you work with, and you evaluate their behaviour, choices and motivations unconsciously. Thanks to the Reiss Motivational Profile you first get to know yourself and your own motivators which influence your behaviour. Once you notice these dependencies, you are then able to see how individual motivators influence your perspective and your relations with others.

Up until recently, in articles about motivation and self-motivation you could find universal advice. But since people and their motivations vary, an individual approach is necessary.

Thanks to the Reiss Motivation Profile, we not only know that everyone is motivated by other stimuli, so called motivators, but also that you can identify them and understand what impact they exert on you.