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RMP PolskaOffer – Management of employees health & Work Life Balance

Wellbeing Excellence

Management of employees health – take care of their wellbeing and protect them against burnout

For whom

Every employee and manager


  1. Profiling
  2. Workshop (minimum 1 day onsite or minimum 2 online modules)
  3. Individual set of exercises
  4. Development sessions


and follow-up development actions

My individual Work-Life-Balance

How to live in harmony with your needs?

What helps me, what blocks me? Handbook for myself.

How to prevent professional burnout?

Reality check in the workplace

How to achieve Flow?

Problems that we solve

low engagement and motivation of employees

high employee turnover

employees are not attached to the employer

sick leave among employees has been on the rise or remains at a high level

lack of pro-health strategies in the company


effective and happy employees

smaller rotation and greater loyalty

better turnover among employees

The company does not exist without employees. What is more, the state of the whole organisation is dependent upon their wellbeing and health. In the companies which invest in pro-health strategies the number of sick leave days drops and employees are better motivated and more loyal towards the employer.

Does everyone need the same amount of Work-Life Balance? Contrary to common thinking, no. Everyone has their own, individual Work-Life Balance and it is of crucial importance to live in harmony with oneself. This is why there is no one, universal method to guarantee wellbeing in an organisation and this is why it is so important to adjust wellbeing to the needs of employees and to the organisation’s culture.

Thanks to the Reiss Motivation Profile, the employer can find out about the wellness needs of their employees, or, more generally, about those wellbeing and boundary conditions that need to be met and those that can be withdrawn from.

Thanks to the RMP you can easily find people who are especially at risk of burnout or becoming workaholics, which are indicated by a specific combination of motivators. Knowing this makes it possible to prevent such things before it is too late and the organisation loses an employee. The tool identifies changes that could be introduced and shows what could be done to prevent frustration and burnout.

Such people should take special care of their work-life balance. The tool identifies changes that could be introduced and shows what could be done to prevent frustration and burnout. For people who find a work-life balance easily and intuitively, the Reiss Motivation Profile will be helpful in raising awareness.