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RMP PolskaOffer – Marketing

Marketing Excellence

Find deep needs and customer profiles – find an accurate target group or person

For whom

Marketing division

People responsible for marketing

Everyone who creates products and wants to get to know their customers’ needs


  1. Preparation of the study
  2. Conducting the study in the chosen group
  3. Analysis, conclusions and recommendations

Problems that we solve

Lack of knowledge about customers’ needs

the product does not meet customers’ needs

marketing communication does not match customers’ needs

lack of knowledge about the target group – you want to identify the target group and person (profile of a representative of the target group)

Benefits for participants

you will get to know the needs and motivators that your product satisfies

you will know how to exploit customer’s motivators and deep needs (consumer insight)

you will launch advertising campaigns targeting subconscious needs of customers

strategic positioning of the brand becomes easier

Most decision-making processes are subconscious. The customers who make a purchase choice (of a brand or product) follow their own internal award system.

The Reiss Motivation Profile gives marketers the key in the form of 16 basic motivators that allow companies to decode the system and exploit internal human needs at every stage of the product life cycle.

This knowledge supplements insight marketing. Profile of a representative of the target group or a more general characteristics of the whole target group is supplemented by new knowledge.