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RMP PolskaOffer – Recruitment

Recruitment Excellence

Modern internal and external recruitment techniques, including AC/DC

For whom

people responsible for internal recruitment

people responsible for external recruitment


Participation in the RMP-Master certification which allows to use the tool independently
Support in the preparation and carrying out of development actions
Support for the Assessment Centre and Development Centre in their processes

Problems that we solve

employees in unsuitable positions

high employee turnover

problems with employee retention

problems with employee recruitment

problems with finding new employees

preferred candidates not interested in applying

Benefits for participants

you precisely define requirements for candidates

you recognise talents and potential of candidates

you research personality (permanent over time), instead of varying behaviours

you find the right candidates, in terms of competences, but also personality

you lower recruitment costs and the costs of onboarding a new employee

you select new co-workers to the existing teams

you select employees who match the organisation’s culture and objectives

In order to find and recruit appropriate candidates for a specific position it is not enough to analyse career paths and achievements of applicants so far. Only when you understand what is behind their behaviour, do the chances that you find the right candidate rise; a candidate that will meet your expectations and will remain in the company for a long period. This is fundamental when considering how to choose the best employee.

The Reiss Motivation Profile makes it possible to create a preferred motivation profile for the person desired for the position. Such a solution is particularly beneficial when a person is being searched to join an already existing team, such as an additional member to the division or the division’s director.