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RMP PolskaOffer – Reinforcing management staff

Management Excellence

Modern development programme for management staff

For whom


management members

middle- and high-level employees


  1. Motivational profiling of all managers (we recommend profiling team members as well)
  2. Workshop (minimum 2 days onsite or 3 online modules)
  3. Managerial Session or On-the-Job Training (minimum 2 Managerial Sessions for every participant OR On-the-Job Training + analysis of processes)

Content of workshops

and follow-up development activities (Managerial Sessions/ On-the-Job Training)

management by Individualisation – development of management styles applied so far

self-motivation and self-development of the manager: how to manage in harmony with oneself

how to set objectives (not only annual ones) individually for the employee and the team

how to conduct cyclical (weekly) appraisal interviews with employees, taking into account their internal needs

how to conduct summary meetings and annual appraisal interviews with employees

how to conduct cyclical (weekly) appraisal interviews with the team, taking into account their needs

how to give positive and negative feedback

how to show acknowledgement in harmony with individual needs

how to build a motivating and engaging workplace based on the internal needs of employees

Problems that we solve

low engagement and motivation of employees

high employee turnover

managers are not used to managing teams (e.g. people who work online)

managers do not have enough managerial competences

managers do not use the acquired knowledge in practice


they get to know themselves better and use their individual management style consciously, to improve effectiveness

they start using innovative and effective tools for people management

they will engage employees individually, set individual goals and give feedback

they will increase the effectiveness of their instructions, adapting their style and content to the employee

Development of management staff – Management by Individualisation is an original development programme for management staff. The programme teaches a completely new approach to employees and team management. It is recommended for managers who want to learn about new techniques and methods of people management, in harmony with their internal needs.

This is a managerial competences development programme for both those who have been managing people for years and those who have just started their careers. It is recommended where quick results in team management count, if the team is difficult, diverse and multi-generational. It is also useful for the manager of a tight-knit team who wants to create a more motivating workplace.

Thanks to RMP, an individual approach to employees, teams and entire organisations is possible. The tool makes it possible to precisely establish employees’ needs, talents and values. Additionally, the manager can get to know themselves better, as well as their management style, and define their development potential. Only at the next stage, communication, can task delegation and goal setting be improved, in harmony with employees’ values (internal motivators).

Forming objectives in accordance with the SMART rule is no longer sufficient. The objectives must be in accordance with the internal needs of employees. This is the only way to strengthen employees’ internal motivation and increase their engagement.

The Reiss Motivation Profile offers new possibilities. On the one hand, it is a tool for managerial self-development; it allows to get to know yourself and your management style better. On the other hand, it provides for a more effective motivation of employees, as it responds directly to their needs. Thanks to RMP, you can discover and satisfy the individual motivators of employees, and thus increase their internal motivation and engagement. Only then will they work more at ease and with more joy, which will ultimately allow them to be fully effective and use their potential.

This programme is for everyone that has been looking for training opportunities for management staff. You will learn how to teach the manager to create a motivating workplace for every employee, build an engaging workplace for the whole team, carry out meetings with employees and teams, conduct annual and summarizing appraisal interviews, give positive and negative feedback, as well as the most efficient ways and methods of self-development and self-motivation adjusted to individual values and talents of the manager.