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RMP PolskaOffer – Sales development

Sales Excellence

Modern sales development – customer service, motivating salespersons, sales effectiveness

For whom

sales managers

sales representatives

commercial teams

sales teams


  1. Motivational profiling
  2. Workshops for the commercial team and Workshops for management
  3. Managerial sessions (minimum 2 for every manager) or On-the-Job Training


and follow-up development actions (Managerial Sessions/ On-the-Job Training)

Management by Individualisation in sales

Individual needs that support salespersons: Hunter & Farmer

Servicing “Difficult customer”

Managing the commercial team with the team’s profile: individual meetings, group meetings, setting objectives, checking if they were met, communication.

Problems that we solve

weak sales results, sales targets not achieved

diverse sales teams

new standards introduced in the sales team

ineffective motivational systems


Better Customer service quality

Precise needs analysis

Sales growth

Salesperson recruitment

The manager of the commercial division gets a tool to manage the commercial team, which helps define sales potential and talents of salespersons, as well as advises on the direction in which they should develop. It helps manage the sales team effectively and unambiguously answers the question: how to motivate salespersons?

Salespersons learn to recognise their customers’ needs and desires on the basis of their behaviour. They are able to analyse customers’ in-depth needs, precisely and quickly. It becomes obvious how to convince to the purchase, which shortens the decision time. When you know how to approach customers, difficult customer service becomes easier to manage and a difficult customer becomes merely a demanding one.

Customers who make purchase choices follow their own internal award system. When the salesperson recognises the system and follows it, the customer service is better and sales effectiveness higher.