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Team Excellence

Manager and team development –
Management by Individualisation

For whom

Teams and their managers


  1. profiling
  2. workshop (minimum 2 days onsite or minimum 3 online modules)

Workshops content

What is Management by Individualisation?

What makes us different, what brings us together? Analysis of team profile

Preparing the “Team’s Handbook”

Developing an individual communication method for the team

Conflict and tolerance

Problems that we solve

lack of tolerance towards other employees’ differences in the team

the team is not well-integrated, employees do not cooperate

bad atmosphere in the team

the team is not effective


fewer team conflicts

team members understand each other better

makes it easier to achieve synergy between team members

tasks are assigned according to inborn predispositions

For the team to become more than a group of employees, time and energy are needed to select its members and take care of their development. Thanks to the Reiss Motivational Profile, motivators can be identified easily which will lead to the behaviours desired in the team. Equipped with this knowledge, it is much easier to select specific people and build an effective team. The more common motivators the team shares, the more effective the work and the fewer conflicts. People in the team understand each other better and communicate better. From the manager’s perspective, it is much easier to manage such a team, because communication, goal setting and tasks delegation will happen taking into account fewer motivators than in fully diverse teams.

In the case of already existing teams, the Reiss Motivation Profile helps to discover the hidden potential and talents of individual employees, but also the common traits of team members as well as any differences.

RMP also helps managers get to know team members, which is especially useful for new managers. It takes less time to get to know the team and subjective observations and interviews are coupled with the objective results of a personality test. RMP makes it possible to get to know team members’ needs and values in depth, even before the first meeting.

For teamwork, it is very important for members to communicate effectively and cooperate despite personality differences. RMP motivational profiling makes it possible to create a map of needs of specific team members, it shows what makes them different and what they have in common. This knowledge is indispensable for the manager in order to foster communication based on the needs shared by team members and to assign tasks accordingly.

Managing diversity is still a vague concept in many companies. But because of a changing structure of the labour market in Poland, it will become more important. The Reiss Motivation Profile helps managers notice employee diversity and understand the benefits that it brings to the whole team. RMP also helps manage team conflicts. It allows managers to see the real reason behind a conflict, analyse the problem from a completely new perspective and work out a constructive solution.