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RMP PolskaTalent programmes

Talent Excellence

Talent development in the company – modern support for HR and Business Partners

For whom

HR divisions

recruitment divisions

HR Business Partners

people responsible for talent programmes and talent development


  1. Participation in the RMP-Master certification which allows independent use of the tool and/or
  2. Support in the preparation and carrying out of development actions


and follow-up development actions

defining employees’ potential

identification of talents and matching development programmes with their needs

coaching and development of employees

Problems that we solve

low engagement and motivation of employees

recruitment does not bring required results

motivational systems, cafeteria systems and external motivation systems applied so far do not work


you are able to identify employees’ potential

you discover talents resulting from deep internal motivation

you create highly effective individual development paths which match the personality and values of employees

RMP defines the potential of current and future employees correctly and shows them a development and career path. It allows you to identify how to motivate an employee internally, i.e. how to communicate and set goals, as well as what working conditions are needed in order to increase the employee’s engagement.

Especially now, when getting to know one person and acting in accordance with their individual traits is becoming more and more important, the best diagnostic methods should be applied, which make it possible to select employees correctly and identify their potential (also HiPo).

At the same time, when employees get to know their own RMP motivation profile, they also receive a tool for self-management and support of their potential.