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RMP PolskaTeam – Eligiusz Kobyłkiewicz

Eligiusz Kobyłkiewicz

RMP Pro® Business in RMP Poland

Trener, Konsultant, Coach,
Interim Manager


  • Reiss Profile Master (certificate)
  • Social Clinical Psychology (Master's degree) Economics (bachelor's degree) Scholarship Democracy & Economy (Danmark)
  • Professional Customer Service, Professional Sales Technique, Time Management, Trade Negotiations, Communication in Sale, Professional Business Presentations (Kalkstein)

20 years of experience in the areas

  • in the design and implementation of development activities for mid- and high-level staff in the concept, implementation and coordination of the company's operational activities in the marketing, sales and after sales
  • in managing a variety of teams in training, coaching, training on the job, working on strengths, using diagnostic tools for personality analysis

20 years of experience in the industries

  • Automotive
  • Pharmacy
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Medicine


  • Business Development Director, RMP Polska Instytut Durkalskiego Sp. z o.o. (2019 - now)
    • Business consulting, development programs and training in the field of work environment development, organizational changes, sales management,
    • Developing and implementation of development programs for key clients, business consulting, conducting workshops at all levels of management
  • Service Director, AkzoNobel Car Refinishes Polska Sp. z o.o. (2017 - 2019)
    • Development and implementation of IT services for clients, supervision of the training platform and conducting training and development activities.
    • Provision of analytical services to customers; taking care of the development of a subordinate team of business consultants; setting goals for the team and running PDD; taking care of the budget and its implementation, actively selling products and services to customers.
  • Managing Director, Krotoski-Cichy Sp. z o.o. (2015 - 2017)
    • Strategic and operational management of VW and Audi dealerships. Recruitment, conducting assessment center, implementation of employees for managerial positions. Conducting conversations and development activities with employees.
    • Create business annual plans and plan monthly activities to achieve sales goals. Conducting meetings with managers (minimizing costs and maximizing profit). Manage a team of 180 people.
  • Managing Director/Consultant/Trainer/Coach, Dicoria Grupa Doradcza (2002 – 2015)
    • Acquiring, managing, planning and collaborating with key customers, acquiring and serving new customers.
    • Training and managerial coaching in the field of customer service quality and staff development for employees and management.