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We share know-how and teach managers the skills that will allow them to reach the full potential of the individual and the team.
You can expect the highest effectiveness for the following reasons:

We make it personalised

each programme’s scope is adapted to the current situation of the company and its business objectives, its form adjusted to participants’ personalities

We do not conduct training

we do not conduct traditional training, because they do not bring long-lasting effects. You will participate in workshops and learn techniques combining coaching, mentoring, consulting and business advice.


take place at the beginning of the programme, so that everyone has the same starting point. Next, we teach at the workplace, focusing on the real problems of Customers

On-the-Job Training

is whole day developmental support for the manager at their workplace, where they perform their duties and acquire tools and advice from the coach, and implement them immediately

Managerial session

is a two-hour long online session of support by the coach for the manger

In addition

We share knowledge and tools

from the very beginning we have been sharing knowledge and tools with managers and we teach how to apply them in practice. You do become used to or dependent on us.

We focus on working with the manager

We want to give the manager new tools, knowledge and habits as quickly as possible, so that they can effectively exploit their and their team’s potential.

Engagement of the management

improves the programme’s effectiveness significantly, it improves communication and accelerates changes, and we recommend it especially for programmes with a wide scope of action.

Combining online and offline work

as much as 75% of actions can be made online, although we recommend the opposite proportion

Pilot programme

if the programme is to be implemented on a wide scale in a dispersed organisation, we recommend a pilot version, in which we select the most representative products to adjust your actions even better


RMP – a tool which identifies individual needs and human potential

What is RMP?

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is the most reliable psychometric tool for diagnosing internal human motivation. It discovers the intensity of internal motivators that influence our everyday behaviours and decisions, and skilful management of them is the key to professional effectiveness and business satisfaction.

What is an RMP study?

It takes around 25 minutes to fill in an online form. It allows to discover the intensity of 16 internal needs that are the foundation of our decisions and engagement.

What is in the report?

Your strengths and development advice, information about favourable workplaces, motivating objectives, drive, values, comfort zone, perception of others and by others.

Why is the RMP a reliable tool?

  1. The RMP was developed in the Unites States, on the basis of broad empirical studies conducted by Professor Steven Reiss. Over 6,000 people participated in his studies and the results appeared in 17 expert publications.
  2. we have fully adapted the tool to the Polish context, with scientific rigour
  3. the tool meets all scientific criteria that make it possible to draw reliable conclusions: validity, reliability, standardisation, objectivity and normalisation
  4. the method is not sensitive to the “social adjustment” effect, i.e., intentional distortion of responses in order to influence the result
  5. results are relatively permanent over time so it is possible to plan actions in the long-term

Why is the tool’s reliability so important?

For a development programme to be effective, sensible decisions need to be made, which are based on precise data. And only reliable tools can give you precise data.


we offer four types of action

For whom

What is it

What does it give

Motivational profiling20min online study and up to 60min online/onsite of informational feedback session
Participants of workshop/development activities
The study is conducted using a reliable psychometric RMP tool and identifies the structure of 16 internal human motivations, which are:
  • unique for every person
  • relatively permanent over time
The action covers an online study, a report and a one-hour coaching session
  • it allows development of an individualised management strategy for the employee and the whole team (communication, motivation, setting and achieving goals)
  • it allows planning of actions in the long term
Workshopsonsite or online
Target group – e.g. salespersons, management, team, etc.
Activities in a group up to 12 persons, maximum practice, minimum theory.

Sharing knowledge in a way that is adapted to the needs of participants, always combined with knowledge from RMP profiling:
  • e.g. salespersons also learn how to recognise customers’ profiles and conduct individualised needs analysis
  • e.g. managers learn about SMART and rules of giving feedback, but combined with individual needs
  • the ability to use knowledge from RMP profiling to achieve your business objectives
On-the-job training1 day, onsite

we recommend from 1 to 12 sessions, depending on the objective to be achieved
Manager and/or team
manager carries out their duties at their workplace, supervised by the coach, and uses our knowledge and tools to manage the tool and achieve their objectives
  • it allows managers to quickly learn how to use Management by Individualisation
  • it forms the habit of Management by Individualisation
Managerial session2h, on-line

we recommend from 1 to 12 sessions, depending on the objective
the coach supports the manager in their difficulties and in the implementation of the programme recommendations, the Coach becomes a mentor, advisor
  • manager’s individual development
  • continuity of their actions
  • monitoring implementation
  • on-going support for the manager in crisis situations

Step by step


Choose the programme or describe the problem and we will help you choose the optimal programme for you


We will set your business objectives and define variables which will
allow us to measure the success of implementation


We will work out communication methods, engaging all participants


We will analyse the current situation and carry out motivational profiling


We will conduct workshops for managers and/or teams


Training on the Job and managerial sessions will allow us to implement in-depth actions


We will summarise the results of the implementation and give you more advice. We will make sure that the know-how that we share is used as effectively as possible